The Chorotegas, a native Nicaraguan tribe, used the word “Nekupe” to describe heaven – and after one visit to Nekupe, you will understand why. A transformative sporting resort and retreat, Nekupe introduces the world to the generosity of Nicaragua through an amazing array of activities, experiences and culinary offerings, all within a setting where modern buildings beautifully integrate into natural surroundings. At Nekupe, you will find a culture that is both exotic and organic – where you can escape the day-to-day and feel as if you’ve visited heaven on Earth.

Nekupe Map


Nandaime is a small town located in southwest Nicaragua, a mere 12 miles from Granada and 41 miles from Managua. Its name is translated as “place of abundant streams,” and this area is indeed blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Nandaime is located to the east of Cocibolca Lake (also known as Lake Nicaragua), a freshwater lake that is the largest in Central America and the 19th largest lake in the world.


Serene and sublime, Nekupe fosters the feeling that you are far, far away from everyday life. It is an immersive experience that is organic and exotic, modern yet rooted in a simpler way of being. A stay at Nekupe is a true retreat from the world.

Each room is filled with understated décor, a warm neutral palette and natural materials that draw the outside in. Windows frame exquisite views of the lush landscape right outside your door, and open layouts allow each room to flow into the next.


From sunrise to sunset, Nekupe delivers experiences to keep you stimulated and inspired. Satisfy your spirit with daily yoga classes, evening poetry readings, marimba dancing and private cooking lessons.

Explore on land and water with tours of Granada and nearby islands, the Mombacho and Masaya Volcanos and Lake Nicaragua. Enjoy monkey watching excursions, hikes of Cerro Negro and bird-watching outings. Get adventurous with ATV riding, sport fishing, surfing lessons, helicopter tours and at our shooting range. At Nekupe, there is something for every style of traveler.


The feeling of calm fostered throughout Nekupe is further enhanced by the retreat’s beautiful spa and nature reserve. You may opt for a plethora of spa services, from massage to facials to full body scrubs, always using natural ingredients and infused with the essence of the local Nicaraguan culture.

The nature reserve is a place for viewing the local wildlife’s finest wonders, from breathtaking birds to remarkable reptiles, making you feel like an explorer without ever leaving the retreat.


A cornucopia of culinary delights awaits you at Nekupe. Fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry and grains sourced locally and from the finest purveyors are incorporated into Nekupe’s dishes, many of which showcase the diverse flavors of Nicaragua.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be experiences for the senses. Dynamic in both flavor and presentation, Nekupe’s meals will satisfy every palette.