Passionate about Calala – Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis)

To align with Nekupe’s philosophy of wellness, my parents decided to plant passion fruit and incorporate it into their farm-to-table concept. They chose to plant passion fruit not only because it is one of the best foods for gut health, but it also supports anxiety reduction, mood enhancement, and weight loss. Their mission has always been to incorporate the most nutrient-dense foods into Nekupe’s menus, so guests will leave the resort feeling light, relaxed, and healthy. 

Last June my parents decided to plant a total of 800 passionfruit plants in one block of experimental area. Four months later they received the certification of Organic Cultivation by Burke Agro. As a result of being approved, they will be exporting passion fruit to the US. They also plan on expanding the crop’s range five times over. Lastly, as part of their stay Nekupe guests will have the opportunity to go to our greenhouse and hand-pick any of the fruits and vegetables they would like to incorporate into their culinary experience at no cost. 

Francesca Pellas

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